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It is a long standing tradition to give our outgoing President what we thought of him during his tenure, the past year. Some call it a President's Honorarium, others call it debunking. In the past, presidents have been put on trial, stripped almost naked, presented with a half-naked postcard, sent on an airplane trip with no return ticket, and generally put to task for his efforts of the past year. This year is no different.

Ed, the Earl of Floordom, presents King Bier who suffers from subject ingratitude and the inability to judge the character of his subjects
Ed/Roger RogerKing Bier is adorned with
a crown and a long cloak
And placed on his throne
We adjourned temporarily for lunch

King Bier is adorned

Now King Bier had three daughters and he challenged them as to how much they loved him. Two said that they really loved him and the third said she only loved him as a daughter could. Well he ostracized that one and kept the other two. The gist of the similar King Lear was that he truly had no vision. King Bier couldn't see that his board was in cahoots with one of his daughters, Manicuria. Marianne begins the manicure with a bag of tools.
Marianne Marianne Roger Roger applies the first nail polish

And Le Roy continues
the manicure Le Roy

And Gary
Gary And Mel
Mel And Jerry Jerry

King Bier shows off his nails

Joanne his other daughter, Pedicuria, comes forward with a pedicure tub to soak King Bier's feet in the bubbly water.
Joanne Joanne And Patricia helps out Patricia

Lets take a look at his vision with respect to the plundering of his kingdom. Jim, the Fife of Finedom, comes forth. We all know he worked for Tandem in Germany - well look what happened to the German mark - the economy became so bad they had to change their currency. There was military base closures while he worked for Tandem in Southern California. There was numerous flights to Houston while working in Cupertino (he was really covertly working with the Earl of Enron and King Arthur Anderson). And what happenend between Tandem and Compaq and HP?
Jim Judy/Jim Judy is getting a kick out of all of this
Well, enough of the past, let's move forward with some current events. Paul, the Count of Speedo, recently learned at a round table discussion that our King has a preference for a particular type of clothing.
Paul Roger/Paul Roger

Roger would protest at all these proceedings but would admit that the best of men are molded out of their faults. If there ever was a historical King Bier, his memory has faded into mythology. Legend will remember him as a pre-Yamamoto president in now what is called Almaden Valley.