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A great tribute for Paul Consentino at our regular zoom meeting, October 8th

Livio Cesar Zozzoli, District 4690 Bolivia Rotary Foundation Chair, and Sebastion Pas Antelo, Rotaractor, presented X-Ray Equipment for the Samaipata Hospital at our October 1st zoom meting

  Regular zoom meeting on September 247th including our dinner challenge with watermelon as the theme. There was two entries, Rebecca was the winner and Brian was the judge.

 Club Assembly on zoom on September 17th

 Regular September 10th zoom meeting with Jennifer Jones, 2022-23 Rotary International President. She gave a great speech on her Her Five Core Values

Evonne Tran, the Area 7 Interact Director. Area 7 Interact just released a T-Shirt to raise money for Interact this year. All proceeds raised will be donated to the International and Community Projects of the year. Shirts are only $13 this year, and I would love it if our Rotarians could both support AND represent the Area that you work so hard to help maintain. If you or anyone you know is interested, the purchase link is:

 Regular September 3rd zoom meeting with Brian Moore, Past District Governor of Sacramento Valley District 5180, talking about Wine Smarts
August 27th presentation at our regular zoom meeting

   Presentation by the Oak Grove and Valley Christian Interacts at the August 20th zoom meeting

Brian O'Neill Wins First Almaden Valley Monthly Cook-off with the featured ingredient of Lime!
   Presentation at the August 13th zoom meeting

August 6th presentation of the pork industry by Corinne Bromfield and Analicia Swanson at our regular zoom meeting

The following are four flyers provided at the meeting: Antibiotic Stewardship,  Easy Meals,  NCHS Handout,   The Skinny on Pork,
   Presentation at the July 30th zoom meeting

   Presentation at the July 23rd zoom meeting

 July 16th regular zoom meeting and Eagle Scout presentation by Justin Etter

  July 9th regular zoom meeting and Orin Mahoney presentation on the Rotary Foundation