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  Almaden Valley-Willow Glen Rotarians helped sponsor a Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) BBQ at Edith Morley Park on June 28th

  Six Almaden Valley-Willow Glen Rotarians attended the RYLA BBQ at Mission Springs in Scott's Valley on June 27th

We missed you Emilie
   Almaden Lake Playgarden Groundbreaking

  David Martinez presented a magic show on our regular meeting on 6/20/24. For many years, David served as president of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M. Ring 216). And he won multiple awards for his magic. He is a magic expert on WikiHow, providing his knowledge and insights about magic to millions of WikiHow users.
A huge thank you to Bob Gloye for making it possible for our club to be a sponsoring contributor to the Willow Glen Beer Walk.
   Christina Ramos presented on PG&E EVs and Solar programs to our regular meeting on 6/13/24. Christina serves as Senior Local Government Affairs Representative for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), where she works with local governments on issues related to infrastructure, development, and processes regarding energy and power.

  VIDEO of Jennifer Taylor Mendoza, Ph D President West Valley College presentation to our regular meeting on 6/06/24. Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza serves as the 13th president of West Valley College (WVC). President Taylor-Mendoza is the first African American educator to lead the College. She is a longtime leader in the Bay Area with 12 years of service in the San Mateo County Community College District, having recently served as the President of the College of San Mateo, Vice President of Instruction at Skyline College in San Bruno, founding Dean of Academic Support and Learning Technologies at College of San Mateo (CSM), and as the Director of the Learning Center at CSM..

  VIDEO of Scotty Cornfield Interview and Interrogation presentation to our regular meeting on 5/30/24. Although Scotty now writes fiction, makes movies and operates as a licensed P.I., in a former life Scotty spent 30 years in the crime-fighting business, hunting murderers and sexual predators, as well as working deep undercover assignments, SWAT and a few other gigs. Throughout his career, he became a recognized interrogation expert, ultimately working as a consultant for the State of California and the federal government, traveling the country to train detectives in the fine art of truth detection.

  Our very own Frank Jewitt Navy Retired was present at the Memorial Day Presentation with the Campbell Veterans Memorial!
  VIDEO of Alexandra Geneser of Children International presentation to our regular meeting on 5/23/24. Alexandra is the Global Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Children International, a youth-focused international development organization. She has 15 years of experience in cross-sector social impact initiatives. During this time, she has built partnerships to advance environmental advocacy, housing equity, disability services, social justice, and community development programs.

   55th Charter Party

  A huge thanks to those who made it out to help at the Dumpster Day in Almaden on Saturday morning, 5/4. This event was partially sponsored by our club so having a presence there went a long way for the community!

  VIDEO of Rod Diridon of the League of Conservation Voters presentation to our regular meeting on 4/25/24. Rod shared about the effects of Carbon Emissions on Climate Change. From 1993 to 2014, Rod Diridon, Sr., was executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), a transportation policy research center created in 1991 by Congress. He frequently provides legislative testimony on sustainability.

  Our friends from the Rotary Club of Ilorin Nigeria also visited on 4/25 to share about our joint water projects in Nigeria. Pictured are Waheed, Shola, Eli and Mike along with Peter Anderson from the Rotary Club of Morgan Hill and Almaden Valley-Willow Glen Rotarians. We were able to give our friends from The Rotary Club of Iliron in Nigeria a tour of the work that has been completed so far at the Edith Morley Park. Waheed SHARED about our Joint Water projects in Nigeria.

   Ed Levin Park Fishing

  VIDEO of more decking work by our group of dedicated workers at the Edith Morley Park on Sunday morning 4/14. We are almost finished with the replacement of the decking walk way. It looks like we will need one more day of "finish" work to have the walkway completed!

George Casey, District 10 Council Candidate, spoke at our regular meeting on April 18th. George grew up in Santa Teresa and lived in Almaden for 35 years. He’s now raising his kids in the West Santa Teresa Foothills. He moved to District 10 at the age of 5 and went to Santa Teresa Elementary, then Bernal Intermediate and then on to Bellarmine, where George excelled in sports and built a life-long appreciation of how strong communities bring out the best in each of us. .

VIDEO of Joel Selvin who presented at our regular meeting of April 11th.Joel is an award-winning journalist and music critic who covered pop music for the San Francisco Chronicle for more than 35 years. His writing has appeared in Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, Billboard and Melody Maker, and he has contributed liner notes to dozens of recorded albums. Selvin is also the bestselling author of more than twenty books about pop music.
VIDEO of Joan Perry's bio at our regular meeting of March 28th.
  An updated VIDEO of work at Edith Morley Park on March 24th. Our crew this week was working come rain or shine to get us closer to the goal. We are almost finished with the replacement of the decking walk way at Edith Morley Park in Campbell.

Brendan Rawson Executive Director San Jose Jazz and Art Festival presented at our regular meeting on March 21st. Brendan has worked in the local arts scene for more than twenty years. Since joining SJZ in 2012, Brendan has worked to increase the impact of our education programs and conceived many of our most successful initiatives, including Jazz Beyond programming and our mobile Boombox Truck stage.

  VIDEO of The Physical Therapy Class at FCSN on March 20th which has been GROWING!.

  VIDEO of St. Patricks Day celebration at the Brittania Arms on March 16th. We had a group around 15 strong. Thanks to Jessie for putting on another great event!.

The two owners made a presentation about Hapa's Brewery at our regular meeting on March 7th. They went through the complete brewing process.
   Tree Planting at John D. Morgan Park

VIDEO of Robert Sapien Jr, Fire Chief City of San Jose Fire Department presentation at our regular meeting on 02/15/24. Robert, a San Jose native, entered the San Jose; Fire Department Firefighter Recruit Academy in 1989. During his career, he has held the ranks of Firefighter, Fire Engineer, Fire Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, and was named Fire Chief on October 2, 2018.

  On 2/12/24 our Club Volunteers as well as some friends from FCSN helped pack 340 gift boxes for active troops to be sent out by Operation Care and Comfort!

  VIDEO of AVWGRC, West Valley RCC, and UPA Interact at Edith Morley Park Boardwalk Rehab Project. The rebuilding of the board walkway and refinishing of the benches has been quickly moving forward. The video is from work completed on 1/28/24 and work also continued 2/10/24.

Linda Zavoral, Features Editor at the San Jose Mercury News presented at our regular meeting on 01/25/24. Linda is a features editor and blogger for the Bay Area News Group. She blogs for Eat Drink Play, opining on food, restaurants, libations and travel; edits the popular Mr. Roadshow transportation column; and writes about festivals and events for Eye and Timeout. A Bay Area native, she is a two-time winner of the Lowell Thomas silver medal for best travel section for The Mercury News..

  VIDEO of the Thank You Pizza Lunch for FCSN on January 19, 2024. Back in October our club collected excess Halloween Candy from local students so that it could be shared with active military through our relationship with Occupation Care and Comfort. Clients at Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) graciously banded together to put the candy in small bags in order to be placed in the care packages. As a thank you, our club endowment provided a "Pizza Lunch" for FCSN's Bascom Avenue Clients as well as their staff! Big thanks to Kenny T and Gregg Consentino for picking up the pizza as well as Bob Carlson and Jessie Consentino for helping to prep and serve!

  VIDEO of The Rotary Foundation Mission helps Rotary members to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty.

Michael Mulcahy, candidate for San Jose City Council District 6 presented at our regular meeting on 01/18/24. Michael was born and raised in San José – and he and his wife Kimberly brought up their three daughters right here in District 6. As a proud, third-generation son of San José he has worked to build a stronger and safer city. He has founded numerous neighborhood-serving businesses – and created hundreds of local high-wage jobs.

Angelo Pasciuti, candidate for San Jose City Council District 6 presented at our regular meeting on 01/11/24. Angelo was born into a blended family in San Jose and the son of an immigrant, Angelo was taught to define his success by how much he could help those in his community.

   Willow Glen Senior Luncheon on Friday, 12/15

Video of the Wrap party for our Christmas families at our regular meeting time of December 14th

  The continuing project by AVWGR, RCC, and UPA Interact at Edith Morley Park on Dec 10, 2023

   Southside Senior Luncheon on Friday, 12/08
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming Southside Senior Luncheon on December 8th.

  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on November 30th.

Aida M. Galan, Dentist with a Heart presented at our regular meeting on 11/16/23. Aida was born and raised in the Republic of Panama. With over 20 years of experience in the dental field, one can say Dr. Galan has practically dedicated her life to dentistry. Dr. Galan began her career in dentistry in 1989 and worked hard to put herself through school until she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine in May of 2002.
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on November 16th.

   VIDEO Update of Wednesday Physical Therapy Class at Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) on Nov 15th. We've been having great fun and results at our weekly Physical Therapy Class. A big thanks to our regular participants with this program!

   VIDEO of the continuing project! AVWGR RCC UPA Interact at Edith Morley Park on Nov 12, 2023

Jessie, Gregg, Bob C, Ken along with Emilie and Bill Highley had the honor of attending the recent Gala Fundraiser for FCSN on 11/09. A great time was had by all.

  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on November 9th.

   VIDEO of the UPA Interact students packing candy for the Troops on November 7th.

Getting the wood ready on 11/4 for the 11/12 function at Edith Morley Park

And lots of candy for the job

Monica Proctor of the Assistance League of San Jose - Almaden presented at our regular meeting on November 2nd. The Assistance League of San Jose is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization whose members have had a passion for supporting vital community services since 1983. Their community service programs are designed to serve unmet needs in the community.
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on November 2nd.

   District Governor Hung Wei's Visit on Thursday, 8/26
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on October 26th.
Arjun Batra is the council member of the San Jose City Council for District 10. He holds an MBA degree and has extensive international background knowledge gained from working and managing in the technology industry, which enables him to better understand the concerns and issues of his residents and neighbors. Arjun presented to our regular meeting on October 19th.
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on October 19th.

VIDEO of Edith Morley Dog Stations and ... on October 15th

VIDEO of the Italian Festa at the ASRC site on October 14th

Paul Uenaka presented his bio at our October 5th meeting. Paul's family and his own legacy involved owning and operating Garden Centers in the South Bay Area. When he was young his family was sent to an interment camp during WW2, they lost most everything during that time period but were steadfast and had to rebuild their lives upon returning to the South Bay area. Paul and his wife Norma have three children, two daughters and a son, as well as many grandchildren. He joined Almaden Valley Rotary in 1972/1973 and Paul held perfect meeting attendance for many years. Paul has been personally responsible for many projects the club has completed over the years, many that he co-chaired with good friend and long time club member Paul Consentino. Paul made it very clear that he is very excited to see new breath in the club and so many new hands on community projects.
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on October 5th.

ROTARY VIDEO to Celebrate Giving

  VIDEO of the United Way presentation at the September 28th meeting.
  Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on September 28th.
Interactors on September 24th preparing for the upcoming Leadership Conference

VIDEO of Scotty Cornfield Author Master of Short Stories with 101 words presentation on our regular meeting on September 21st.

  VIDEO of John Poch's presentation of the San Jose Sports Authority at our regular September 14th meeting. The San Jose Sports Authority is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the City of San Jose's economic development, visibility and civic pride through sports. Serving as the City’s sports commission since its inception in 1991, the Sports Authority has provided leadership and support to attract or host hundreds of sporting events in San Jose and the South Bay. The Sports Authority also supports and operates community, youth and amateur sports programs, including the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame, and the REACH Youth Scholarship Program.

 Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on August 31st which included a presentation on the San Jose Airport Commission.

 Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming DARK meeting on August 24th.

   Silicon Valley Ducks Unlimited Bar-b-Que on Wednesday, 8/23

   VIDEO of the completion of the Edith Morley fence building project. We are very grateful to Bob Carlson for bringing Almaden Valley/Willow Glen Rotary to the table to be the sponsoring Rotary Club for West Valley RCC. We were able to jump in to help complete the fencing project at Edith Morley Park in Campbell (a beautiful park if you have not visited yet) that had begun 14 months ago. With the continuing help of the City Of Campbell parks workers, West Valley RCC, and groups of club members, the fence was completed around and throughout the entire park.

John Ristow, Director of the Department of Transportation, presented at our regular August 17th meeting on his oversight of San Jose's street, pedestrian and bicycle system and coordination with federal, state and regional agencies on delivery of highway and transit projects serving San Jose. VIDEO of his presentation.

Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on August 17th.

   FCSN Bar-b-Que on Friday, 8/11

The August 3rd Grapevine which includes Ken's President's Leaf for August 10th

Jerry Gibson as well as newish member Fred Brew presented their background Biographies.

VIDEO of the packaging of the Care Boxes for the Operation Care and Comfort (OCC) at the regular August 3rd meeting. Our Club members packed multiple care boxes that will be sent to military service members throughout the world, this program is provided by Operation Care and Comfort. Thank you to Bob Gloye for spear heading this effort and being our direct contact to OCC outreach programs.

Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on August 3rd. And also includes the clickable July 27th Grapevine.
Kayla Boardman, Public Information Officer II, San Jose Clean Energy spoke at our regular meeting on July 27th. She is responsible for digital aspects of the team at San Jose Clean Water including website development, graphic design, and social media as well as writing and outreach. She is a San José native who joined the City of San José in 2019 working for the Environmental Services Department. She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from San José State University and is passionate about the environment and helping her community.

Landon Trinh, junior at Leland High School, presented his experience at Camp RYLA at the July 27th meeting

   FCSN Cleanup on Saturday, 7/22

Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for the upcoming meeting on July 20th. The bio speakers were Glen Belshaw, Patty Wiggin, and Laura Hughes.

   CWA BBQ Banquet, July 13th

 Building split-rail fences at the Edith Morley Park in Campbell on Sunday, 7/9
Gregg has produced a MOVIE of that activity

 Several Rotarians volunteered at the Downtown Campbell Car Show on Saturday, 7/8

 Newly minted president Ken shared with the club at our regular meeting on July 6th his vision for the up coming year!
Skipper Ken recorded his President's LEAF for his first Grapevine.