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Caring and Commitment in Action

What is Assistance League?
Assistance League of San Jose, a chapter of National Assistance League is a nonprofit organization whose volunteers administer philanthropic projects to help meet the needs of the local community. The chapter was founded in 1983 and chartered in 1988.

Mission Statement
Assistance League of San Jose is committed to improving the quality of life for those in need through our philanthropic projects.

"To act as a friend at any and all times to men, women and children in need of care, guidance and assistance, spiritually, materially and physically."

Mrs. Hancock Banning
Founder of National Assistance League, 1919

Philanthropic Projects

Operation School Bell
Volunteers work with local school districts to provide disadvantaged elementary school children with uniforms to help increase self-esteem and to encourage regular school attendance.

Project S.E.E. (Seeing Eyes Early)
Children in pre-kindergarten classes at local pre-schools benefit from vision screening. The children are screened by Assistance League of San Jose volunteers to detect lazy eye. If not caught at an early age, this condition could lead to blindness.

The Kids on the Block
This international award winning puppet program is offered free of charge to local schools. Children learn about disabilities, cultural differences, and social problems.

Senior Projects
Volunteers bring reassurance and comfort to elderly and shut-in persons through telephone calls and visits. Members also provide recreational activities to residents of senior facilities within the greater San Jose area.

In a cooperative program with city and county agencies, the chapter provides teddy bears to give to children to help ease the trauma of accident or abuse.

Teen Projects
Assistance League of San Jose sponsors an Assisteens® chapter. Assisteens is a teen, non-profit, volunteer group for San Jose area students in grades 7-12. In 2006 Assistance League of San Jose adopted the Teen Room of the Almaden Branch Library.

Assistance League of San Jose is a tax exempt, charitable organization devoted to assisting San Jose area residents with varied community services

Financial support for the philathropic projects is provided through grants and special fundraising events. All funds raised by the Chapter stay within the local community for support and administration of philanthropic projects.

Contact Us

For more information:

Assistance League of San Jose
P.O. Box 20174
San Jose, CA 95150

National Assistance League:


In 2003 the Assistance League of San Jose (ALSJ) used donated funds to provide these vital community services:

  • Measured and delivered school uniforms to 1600 disadvantaged students in twenty-one local elementary schools
  • Entertained thousands of third-grade students with educational puppet shows that focused on bullying prevention
  • Trained 40 volunteers to conduct vision screening for 1000 preschool students
  • Provided bi-monthly bingo sessions to residents of two convalescent homes
  • Helped staff the reception area of the Centre for Living with Dying in Santa Clara
  • Maintained contact with shut-in seniors through telephone calls; delivered special holiday baskets
  • Donated over 500 bears for distribution to abused and neglected children at the Children's Interview Center