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The following is a list of past and existing fellowship activities. Links to these activities are in the photo albums that show the history of The Rotary Club of Almaden Valley.
  • Bocce Ball Social
    A fun late afternoon learning to play bocce ball and enjoying dinner (or snacks)afterward.
  • Camera Three
    An evening enjoying an old classic movie at Camera Three for the benefit of The Centre for Living with Dying.
  • Charter Party
    Members and spouses celebrate the founding of the Almaden Valley Rotary Club early in May. Lobster (or crab), steak and lots of dancing is on the menu.
  • Christmas Party
    Members and spouses celebrate Christmas at the Boulder Ridge Country Club with a wonderful dinner and dancing to an orchestra into the night.
  • Christmas Wrap Party
    A past event of an evening at a Rotarian's house eating a fine buffet and finishing up any wrapping of presents for the homeless families. The presents are now wrapped at home.
  • Columbus Day Party
    Member, spouses and friends enjoy a night to celebrate the "founding" of the new world. For many years we partied at the Paul Consentino house.
  • Harvest Festival
    We travelled to Sarah's Vineyard in Gilroy to celebrate the Harvest time for the vineyards. We enjoyed some wine, a bar-b-que, hayride, grape stomping and bottled and labelled our own bottle of port.
  • Joint Board Meeting
    Members of the outgoing and incoming boards meet in South Lake Tahoe to discuss the activities of the club as well as have a little fun. We stay at Harveys or Harrahs and in the past we met at the Peppermill in Reno.
  • KartFest
    An afternoon of driving go-karts around a squiggly indoor track. Competition seems to be the theme.
  • San Jose Shark Fest
    An evening at the Shark Tank in the luxury boxes eating a fine buffet and enjoying an occasional San Jose Shark victory.
  • Ski Trips
    Members and spouses enjoy a weekend of skiing or just having a good time in the snow and at the local pubs. In the past we have stayed at Sugar Bowl and Northstar.
  • Tony/Tina Wedding
    An evening enjoying Tony and Tina's wedding at the Cable Car theater in San Francisco.
  • Valentines Luncheon
    Members and their valentines celebrate a wonderful lunch and a good speaker at our regular meeting at the Boulder Ridge Country Club.
  • Wine Tours
    A day of winetasting at several wineries in Napa Valley and recently a day at the Byington Winery in Los Gatos.
  • Shooting/Picnics
  • San Jose Giants
  • Other activities include special luncheons such as St Patrick's Day and Secretary's Week and special recognition of anniversaries.